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OCTO is a Korean-Chinese restaurant located in the heart of New York City. We are born out of the high demand for the Chinese dishes that were uniquely developed in Korea since late 19C and have been established as one of the most popular foods in Korea.

OCTO, pronounced as [oak-toh], means “good soil” in both Korean and Chinese. We choose this name with aspiration that, much like the nurturing soil that fosters new life, we can play a vital role in the journey of our team members and guests, planting the seeds of growth and flourishing together from the moment they step into our restaurant.

We wanted to create a place that is more than a restaurant, a place where our guests can experience the memories with food from their childhood, their family rituals to Korean community,
or a place where foodies explore the elevated authenticity Chinese dishes with Korean style.    

While OCTO is firmly rooted in the vibrant rhythms of NYC, our food nods to the rich history and traditional foundations upon which Korean-Chinese cuisine is built, ensuring that these time-honored flavored remain an integral part of our menu.

Our menu celebrates the classic old-time favorite Korean-Chinese dishes and combines these with unique additions
of our own signature desserts and cocktails.

We invite you to come and experience the richness of OCTO’s cuisine at an elegant and comfortable dining room setting.